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Precision Agriculture

Through crop monitoring, we analyze and detect the most water deprived areas in order to reduce costs related to irrigation and power consumption. We offer plant counting and detect missing plants, as well as provide suggestion on suitable areas for crop expansion, making use of land mapping with digital elevation models, accurate dimensions and geographic information.

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Visual and Thermal Inspection

​We inspect structures and areas of difficult access, such as cranes, buildings and residences ceilings, frontages, communication towers, power distribution towers and lines, flare towers, pipelines, electrical equipment, etc. The inhibition of safety risks to the workers and optimisation of inspection time are some of the greatest advantages of this service.

Land Survey

We survey accessible and inaccessible lands, up to 5 times faster than traditional methods, providing accurate data, with a high degree of geographical information. We are able to generate different outputs as orthomosaic models, digital surface models, digital terrain models, contour lines and land delimitation, based on clients requirements.


Trough images processing, we generate 3D models and wireframes from any structure, with precise details and in short time. Ideal to identify failures, project repairs and plan modifications of structures like buildings, monuments, equipment  and others. The model also enables you to 3D print it.

Safety and Rescue

We perform aerial surveillance for events, with high resolution cameras and thermal cameras, anticipating unwanted actions, day and night. We conduct rescue searches, at any time of day, in areas of difficult access such as forests, mountainous and burning areas, keeping  communication with the victim.


We do videography and aerial photography, as required by the client.  In the real estate market, we create promotional videos of houses, commercial buildings and residential projects. We also create virtual tours for any commercial space, thus providing a sense of proximity to your customers.



We are a technology startup that makes use of drones and advanced data processing techniques, focusing on creating solutions for our clients in several areas such as: agriculture, construction, inspection and videography. Composed of a young and solution orientated team, we offer to our customers solutions that result in cost cuts, time optimisation and risk reduction in their activities.

Determined to lead the technology market with the use of drones in Angola, we provide high quality services with commitment, integrity and passion, thus creating a new vision about the activities of our customers.





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